The service of annual access to the cloud of backup servers equipped with professional NAS HDD disks and Enterprise SSD disks, and the recording takes place in RAID1.

As part of the service, you get unlimited disk space limited by the maximum number of files – 250.000.

A link with a maximum bandwidth of 1 Gbps and a dedicated bandwidth of 100 Mbps is assigned to your package.

Each package consists of one main account with the highest privileges and access via sFTP / SSH to all folders and 9 additional independent FTP accounts in subfolders.

In addition, you get an account in a dedicated panel where you can view files, photos, media, the sum of the number of files through the browser from any device (computer, laptop, phone, tablet) in an encrypted SSL connection. You can immediately pack the selected files and / or directories and then download them to your hard drive. We always secure access to the system with a 48-character password with special characters, preventing any unauthorized actions on your account.

Your files are located on servers in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Ireland, Spain and Poland. The infrastructure creates a data cloud.

The SLA of the service is 99.5% per month, and the service itself is unavailable for 5 minutes every day from 00:00 to 00:05. Then we perform backups on LTO tapes.

There is anti-virus software installed on the server, which scans your files every day to protect against malware. If an infection is detected, the file is isolated from the rest, and you are prompted to do so. At your request, we can make such a file available to you through an isolated server, and after downloading it, we will delete it from the server.

You can connect to the server through any FTP or sFTP client, as well as through integration in server panels, hosting panels and NAS devices.

Our servers are additionally secured with ESET Server Security for Linux software, which ordinary NAS servers do not have and cannot use such powerful antivirus software as ESET Server Security for Linux. This software detects all kinds of viruses, trojans, and in particular data encryptors and prevents them from working. At the time of detection, you receive information from us about the detection, and the file is moved to quarantine – you can download the infected file. When a file cannot be repaired by ESET Server Security for Linux, the file is deleted from the server 7 days after being moved to quarantine to ensure the highest level of security for all other files.

The promotional price of €250 applies to the first year of service. After the first year, the standard price without promotion applies. One client can only have one active service. There is a 3-month notice period. We issue a VAT invoice for the service.

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Backup server with unlimited disk


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