Up to 10 TB of cloud backup space without a subscription


Imagine if you could have 10 TB of Google Drive cloud storage and not pay a subscription fee?

Hard to imagine. A foreign company offers this type of service in the form of cloud access in a backup solution. We can choose OneDrive accounts of 1 or 5 TB and Google Drive accounts of 100 GB – 10 TB.

Prices start from €5 and end at €180.

OneDrive 1TB: €5.00
OneDrive 5TB: €20.00
Google Drive 100GB: €10.00
Google Drive 500GB: €30.00
Google Drive 1TB: €60.00
Google Drive 10TB: €180.00

Interestingly, you get access to your account just 15 minutes after the payment is received.

You can change everything in your account and enable all your own security measures.

Additionally, you have access to the Google API and Developer console.

You can create your own connections to your applications and servers.

The website with detailed information is available at https://cloudrv.space/

You can pay for the services by card, quick transfer, PayPal and SEPA EUR transfer.

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