After recovering files and decrypting: you need to cut off the device from the external network or change the NAS server – probably after a week or two you will be attacked again, then the ransom will be even bigger! Don’t pay the ransom! Discover your password with us.

How does it look like?

  1. You place an order for the service and make the payment in € (card, bank transfer, check).
  2. You send via a special form one encrypted file (size from 1MB to 5MB).
  3. When we start decryption, we will send you this information.
  4. You will receive a password for your files up to a maximum of 30 calendar days (it is usually shorter, i.e. the maximum order processing time from the start).
  5. Ready! You will receive an invoice with the service.
  6. You will send the invoice to QNAP with a refund request.

How did your QNAP NAS come under attack?

Your NAS is constantly connected to QNAP servers, even for downloading updates. The hacker extracted information about the devices and used QNAP brand software to connect to each device, and then sent a script that encrypted your files. QNAP works without a valid SSL certificate, even connecting to QNAP, which creates another security vulnerability. QNAP is responsible for this event. We know you cannot count on QNAP to pay the ransom. QNAP should pay the ransom or recover the password. Unfortunately. QNAP doesn’t give a shit with customers and won’t get anything back. However, they do have such opportunities.

How much does the service cost?

The price of the service is indicated next to each of the services. The price depends on the current market situation. Price negotiation is possible when recovering more passwords. If you send us 10 files from different devices, the price will be 50% lower.

You don’t care about time?

We have one larger device for long work. For the price of €80, we can decrypt your password for a long time. The software uses 10% of the E5-2689 v4 processor and two GTX 960/970 4GB GPUs for one password. The decryption time for the lower priority is from 90 to 300 days. Normal decryption takes up to 30 days but costs a lot more. For normal decryption, we use the entire server from E5-2690 + 8x GTX 1070/1080/1650 / RX570 / RX580. We know you can only count on us. QNAP is legally secured. They agreed with you: “You must back up your own data on QNAP NAS servers.” You have a choice: you pay the ransom and recover your password, lose your files, buy the service from an external company and wait for the file to be decrypted.

How to order?

Click this link and order:

Why is it so expensive?

Our earnings are one thing.

Now, where to keep the data backup?

Go to NAS store, which will make a good NAS server for you on request. They will install the software right away, send a new server to you with a manual. You can mount from 2 to 16 SSDs / HDDs with a maximum capacity of 16 TB. On servers, you can use RAID 0/1/5/6/10/50/60. Servers consume between 150 and 400W, depending on your needs. The more disks, the more RAM and the faster and more expensive the processor. The servers are made to order – by hand, an aluminum frame, an INOX steel casing, each server has from 3 to 10 fans (depending on the number of disks). All servers use CentOS 8 x64 operating systems with NextCloud and ESET anti-virus software.

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