After recovering files and decrypting: you need to cut off the device from the external network or change the NAS server – probably after a week or two you will be attacked again, then the ransom will be even bigger! Don’t pay the ransom! Discover your password with us.

How does it look like?

  1. You place an order for the service and make the payment in € (card, bank transfer, check).
  2. You send via a special form one encrypted file (size from 1MB to 5MB).
  3. When we start decryption, we will send you this information.
  4. You will receive a password for your files up to a maximum 30 – 90 calendar days (depends on the selected service from the following: qLocker, eCh0raix, Conti, Ryuk, TrickBot, Emotet, MedusaLocker, Egregor, Tycoon).
  5. Ready! You will receive an invoice with the service.

Who we are?

Our company employs IT specialists and hackers from Poland, Russia and China, who perform file decryption services for us. Decryption takes place directly in our data center using our CPU and GPU servers. We provide services for individual clients, companies, corporations and government institutions.


We have 10 years of experience in managing servers, operating systems and decryption. Over the years, we have gained many contacts in the field of file decryption. Thanks to our contacts with hackers all over the world, we can offer you file decryption and data recovery services.

Are you recovering your data?

Yes. We recover data with electronic damage from hard drives HDD, HDD Enterprise, SSD, memory cards and mechanically damaged hard drives HDD, HDD Enterprise, SSD, LTO tapes, CDs, DVDs and memory cards. Our services are used by individual clients, server rooms, politicians and institutions from various countries around the world.

How to order?

Click this link and order:

Why is it so expensive?

Our earnings are one thing.

Need backup safe storage?

We can offer you help and provide space for your backup. We offer unlimited space (we use advanced cloud solutions) with specs:
– 250000 files;
– maximum size of one file 1TB;
– guaranteed bandwidth 100/100Mbps with no transfer limit
– dynamic acceleration bandwidth up to 1 / 1Gbps;
– access via FTP, sFTP and SSH with full SSL support;
– user accounts with AES256 passwords 32 characters – letters, numbers, special characters;
– change new password only after login primary account in SSH;
– 10 users;
– 10 simultaneous connections from different IPs for each user;
– ESET anti-virus with automatic file scanning;
– dedicated 1vCPU 2GHz and 1GB RAM;
– IP Ban after 3 unsuccessful attempts to log in from an IP address for 60 minutes with an email notification of a login attempt and the possibility of blocking the IP permanently!
Price €120/month or €1000/year – order page in here…


We have servers located in the European Union. The main GPU servers room is located in Poland/Chrzanów. We lease CPU servers in Germany, France and the Netherlands. We use GPU to decrypt GPU passwords: GTX970Ti/980/1060/1070/1650/1660S and RX570/580. We use E5-2687, E5-2690 processors and servers with multiple Xeon Phi 71S1P multiprocessor cards to decrypt the passwords from the CPU.

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