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  1. The owner of the website is the INNOVATION ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES LTD. company with headquarters in 128 City Road, London, United Kingdom, EC1V 2NX hereinafter referred to as: administrator, owner, service provider, contracting party, support team.
  2. An integral part of the regulation is the privacy policy.


  1. The website provides services of decryption of passwords of files sent by the client.
  2. The website makes every effort to successfully complete the contract.
  3. The decryption machine is a server with graphics cards, cpu’s, xeon phi multiprocessors and specialized software.
  4. The customer can pay for the service by debit card, BTC or bank transfer.
  5. The service is provided via e-mail.
  6. In the event of a partial refund, the customer will also receive an invoice if the service is not provided.
  7. The minimum duration of the service is:
    – 10 calendar days for password decryption service,
  8. The maximum duration of the service is:
    – 160 calendar days for password decryption service.
  9. The maximum duration of the service may be extended if necessary.
  10. The time of service provision is counted from the date of commencement of decryption.
  11. In the event of longer interruptions in the supply of electricity exceeding 1 hour within a day, decryption will be started from the beginning, and the service is not responsible for delays resulting from this failure.
  12. The website is not responsible for extending the order fulfillment time in the event of the introduction of natural disasters, states of emergency, martial law, unavailability of electricity, equipment failure.
  13. Until decryption begins, the customer has the right to cancel the service and the right to a full refund.
  14. At the beginning of the decryption of the password, the customer receives an appropriate information message and in the case of starting the decryption of the password – return and resignation are impossible.


  1. The service performs the repair of data carriers in accordance with the specification and order.
  2. The repair time may vary and depends on the type of service selected:
    – standard (up to 21 days from receiving the carrier): generally available price of the service;
    – fast (up to 7 days from receiving the carrier): standard price * 2;
    – premium (up to 3 days from receiving the carrier): standard price * 4.
  3. The customer undertakes to deliver, along with the mechanically or electronically damaged carrier, another, working carrier with the same designation and serial number, and in the event of failure to deliver the carrier by the client, the service will purchase the carrier and issue an invoice to pay for the carrier purchased for the client (the delivery time will be extended for the period of delivery of the purchased data carrier and payment of an additional invoice for the data carrier).
  4. The price of the service includes the cost of carrier delivery from the customer to the service center and from the service point to the customer.
  5. After repairing the medium and copying the data from the damaged medium to the new data medium, the service will delete all files from other own media.
  6. If the order cannot be processed for reasons beyond the control of the service (damage that prevents repair of the data carrier), the service will immediately return the data carriers sent to the customer with a detailed description of the problems encountered and reimburse the cost of the service paid, less the cost of delivery and the cost of diagnosis, always €30 (including including the included transaction commission cost).
  7. The delivery cost is always:
    – shipping to Europe countries express: €50
    – standard shipping to other countries: €80
    – shipping to other countries by express: €130


  1. After paying for the order by the customer, the backup storage provider will provide access data to the service for 10 users with strong passwords containing letters, numbers and special characters, including one main user, within 2 working days.
  2. The provider of backup storage guarantees the resources provided for the service in accordance with the specification of the paid service:
    – 250000 files;
    – maximum size of one file 1TB;
    – guaranteed bandwidth 100/100Mbps with no transfer limit
    – dynamic acceleration bandwidth up to 1/1Gbps;
    – access via FTP, sFTP and SSH with full SSL support;
    – user accounts with AES256 passwords 32 characters – letters, numbers, special characters;
    – change new password only after login primary account in SSH;
    – 10 users;
    – 10 simultaneous connections from different IPs for each user;
    – ESET anti-virus with automatic file scanning;
    – dedicated 1vCPU 2GHz and 1GB RAM;
    – IP Ban (FTP/sFTP/SSH) after 3 unsuccessful attempts to log in from an IP address for 60 minutes with an email notification of a login attempt and the possibility of blocking the IP permanently via SSH;
  3. The service availability guarantee is 99% SLA per calendar year.
  4. As part of the unavailability of the 1% service per year, the provider will carry out the necessary modernization of the equipment and its maintenance in order to protect it against possible failures.
  5. The provider performs security backups on LTO tapes with compression every day at night 2:00 – 3:00 (Warsaw/London).
  6. The backup performed on LTO tapes is used to protect all data on the server and cannot be used by the client, one copy of one client cannot be restored and made available to the client. This backup copy can only be used by provider in case of server failure.
  7. The customer pays for the service for a period of 1 month or 1 calendar year of subscription via the Stripe.com payment operator using a debit card.
  8. 7 days before the end of the subscription validity, the customer will receive a prompt with information about the necessity to pay for the service for the next subscription period.
  9. If the subscription is not paid on time, the provider will disable the service and irretrievably delete all data from the hard drives.
  10. The client can back up any files with any extensions on the server.
  11. The provider on the server has anti-virus software installed, the signatures of the virus database are updated many times a day.
  12. Shared files on the server containing harmful content in the form of viruses and Trojans will be automatically deleted from the server if the antivirus program detects them in order to protect the remaining files from infection.
  13. The client receives access to the server via an FTP, sFTP and SSH connection in an encrypted connection with an SSL certificate.
  14. The customer can change the passwords of each user at any time directly through the SSH security console.
  15. The client can assign appropriate subdirectories to each user directly via the SSH console from the master user account.
  16. Access to the SSH console is on the rights of the bash and scp commands.
  17. The server always has the newest and up-to-date UNIX software based on Ubuntu.
  18. It is forbidden to make publicly available, transfer access to the content to third parties, to files located on the server, including using the service as a P2P server, warez, nulled, torrent, distributing illegal copies of the software, works covered by copyright to which the client does not have rights, harmful content and pornographic material under pain of blocking the account without the right to a refund and copies of files on the server.
  19. In the case of receiving an ABUSE notification from a representative or copyright owner, the provider will provide the customer’s data to the copyright defender and, in the case of an order from law enforcement agencies, to law enforcement authorities.
  20. In the event of acting to the detriment of the provider by making illegal files publicly available on the server, the provider will issue the customer a debit note of € 200 as a contractual penalty for this action and charge the customer’s debit card with this amount. At the time of ordering and paying for the backup storage service, the customer authorizes the provider to make a non-returnable charge for the contractual penalty.

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