We are lowering the prices of password decryption services!

Our machines (mining rig) for decrypting passwords are now more environmentally friendly (eco). We have our own power plant using “free energy” from Black Power Tech. The device that produces the electricity itself takes up 1 square meter of space. The device produces almost 4kW of electricity!

Lower prices for password decryption services!

Due to the use of a power generator from Black Power Tech that uses generally available solutions in the form of a car alternator in the production of electricity, unlocking access to files encrypted by viruses is even cheaper! That is why we are lowering the prices of our services. Specially for you. Decrypting qLocker, eCh0raix, Conti, Ryuk, TrickBot, Emotet, MedusaLocker, Egregor, Tycoon is easier, cheaper and greener!

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