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Buy the QNAP HACK SOFTWARE program and upload any file and run the file. Guarantee of a minimum of 1 security gap on devices. Access to our lifetime program updates. The program works only in Windows 7 in the CMD console with administrator rights! Doesn’t work on Windows 10, Windows Server! Program tested on Intel Atom 2x 1.8Ghz, 2GB RAM, 10GB HDD, 1/1Mbps, Windows 7 x86.

1. Run RDP in e.g. Google Cloud.
2. Enable VPN / Proxy. Disable antivirus and Windows Defender.
3. Enter the path to your file with the file name in config.inf settings – the file must be an SSH script – after uploading, it works on the QNAP server as ROOT.
4. Open the program and search for an available QNAP server with CMD searchnew.
5. The server list will be saved to the TXT file with IP addresses / domains at the installation location of QNAP HACK SOFTWARE.
6. After selecting the appropriate server, enter its ID in the further part of the commands: fuckid 00000 where “00000” change into the ID of the selected server. You have 2 minutes to do this, then the ID will change.
7. Wait for the message to be completed through one of the found vulnerabilities.
8. Done. Now you can shut down the machine from QNAP HACK SOFTWARE and delete all data.

You must perform the above-mentioned instructions manually each time. Change VPN PROXy with each new connection and don’t stay connected for more than 5 minutes. Connect to RDP after VPN!

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