We have one larger device for long work. For the price of €80, we can decrypt your password for a long time. The software uses 10% of the E5-2689 v4 processor and two GTX 960/970 4GB GPUs for one password. The decryption time for the lower priority is from 90 to 300 days.

We know you can only count on us. QNAP is legally secured. They agreed with you: “You must back up your own data on QNAP NAS servers.” You have a choice: you pay the ransom and recover your password, lose your files, buy the service from an external company and wait for the file to be decrypted.

Efficiency: 75%
Terms and Conditions: implementation from 60 to 300 calendar days from the commencement of the service after waiting the queue of pending orders. After payment, you will receive a website address for sending one encrypted file (from 1MB to 5MB), please upload the file with the order number. In the case of recovering the password, the warranty is 1 hour from sending the password, then the files should be secured in accordance with the information on the home page of our website. In the event of failure to comply with the term contract, there is no possibility of a refund – the decryption of the password will continue until the order is completed. No possibility to withdraw from the contract or resign during its term. Signing up for the queue is tantamount to starting the order. One password in the queue can be decrypted for up to 300 days, usually less.

Queue: Currently 0 file encrypted in the order queue.

If you want to deceive us and you buy this service after another qlocker 2.0 attack, you will not receive a refund, you will have to purchase the re-attack qlocker qnap service.

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