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As it turns out, QNAP is under threat. In 2021, QNAP’s security was compromised 4 times and infected with various malicious encryptors. In 2022, we received a report about a New Year’s new version of the encryptor infecting QNAP servers.

As of today, QNAP is suitable for users who do not connect QNAP to the Internet. Unfortunately, despite many updates, QNAP has many inputs from the rear. We also test these possibilities and can state publicly. QNAP doesn’t give a shit about its users. It releases buggy and vulnerable software every time.

How to protect yourself? Make your own backups to an external drive or:

Buy a ready server with open code and complete security at
and RAID 0/1/5/10/JBOD support and for free external backup (no disk space limit). We deliver the server to you by TNT Express International courier in 7 days. The server is ready, set up, just insert your hard drives (2.5 “or 3.5”), boot up and go!

The servers have ESET anti-virus software with licenses. By purchasing an annual update to the server software in the PRO version, you get an extension of the ESET license (the first year is included in the price of the server).

Our servers do not delete logs, everything is secured, they have a preconfigured VPN (just turn it on). Server speed is the most important thing.

The entire server kernel, operating system, management software uses the M.2 PCIe NVMe disk with a write level of 3600MB/s! This drive also serves as a buffer for writing files up to 10GB, so you don’t have to worry about anything, and you can write at 1Gbps or 10Gbps.

The server has 2 network cards, 1x 1Gbps and 1x 10Gbps SPD+.

In addition, the server includes 8 bays 2.5 “for hard drives and 8 bays 3.5”.

The whole is powered by a special 80+ GOLD certified power supply, has 16 GB of fast RAM memory and an 8-core (16 threads) processor. Everything works under the control of CentOS 8 x64.

The price for a ready server is only €600.

5-year warranty for companies and individuals.

Delivery costs from €15 to €30 within Europe and €50 outside Europe.



If you are looking for malware to breach QNAP security and hack someone, we have a message for you. We have such tools, they are proven and they work. We won them through hard work. We wanted to sell them to QNAP to fix the gaps. They do not want. ALL QNAP HACKING SOFTWARE COST ONLY €8.000!
BUY SOFTWARE QNAP HACK with vulnerabilities unprotected by qnap. Guarantee of a minimum of 1 available gap to upload a file that is workable for 1 month from purchase, update included in the price, you download after receiving the update info

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