Backup FTP/sFTP/SSH Storage

We can offer you help and provide space for your backup. We offer unlimited space (we use advanced cloud solutions) with specs:
– 250000 files;
– maximum size of one file 1TB;
– guaranteed bandwidth 100/100Mbps with no transfer limit
– dynamic acceleration bandwidth up to 1 / 1Gbps;
– access via FTP, sFTP and SSH with full SSL support;
– user accounts with AES256 passwords 32 characters – letters, numbers, special characters;
– change new password only after login primary account in SSH;
– 10 users;
– 10 simultaneous connections from different IPs for each user;
– ESET anti-virus with automatic file scanning;
– dedicated 1vCPU 2GHz and 1GB RAM;
– IP Ban after 3 unsuccessful attempts to log in from an IP address for 60 minutes with an email notification of a login attempt and the possibility of blocking the IP permanently;
– as part of the service, we backup all data on LTO tapes with compression every night.

Price list with order link (only Credit Card – form):
€120/month – order now…
€1000/year – order now…
Free 2-days trial account – submit now…

We have 40 servers, each of them equipped with:
CPU: 2x E5-2630L
SSD: 2x SSD Enterprise INTEL
HDD: 14x HDD Enterprise EXOS
LAN: 3x10Gbps
MACRO: 32x HDD Enterprise EXOS
DDoS: protection up to 500Gbps

Copy from the cloud on a data carrier:
On request, you can order a backup copy of all your data on the HDD. The cost of such additional service depends on the amount of data and the country of delivery of the HDD copy (backup time up to 24 hours, delivery up to 5 days – express delivery):
up to 4 TB – € 200
up to 8 TB – € 380
up to 16TB – € 600
over 16TB – determined individually
shipping to Europe countries express: € 30
standard shipping to other countries: € 50
shipping to other countries by express: € 100
If you want to order a copy of your data, write to us at: [email protected] We will issue an invoice, make the payment and make a copy. We have links in the internal network with a capacity for a copy of 10Gbps.

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